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Cascade de la Pisserotte Cascade de la Pisserotte (the Pisserotte Falls)

One of the scenic high points of the Montagne Bourbonnaise, the Pisserotte, the longest waterfall on the River Barbenan, descends for about a kilometre, tumbling over boulders and carving out deep pools on its way. Click for map.

Following the woodland path between the hamlet of Le Verger and the river, the first waterfall one comes across is the Pisserotte Waterfall itself, once called the “Gour du Daroc”. A “gour”, in the local dialect, refers to the cauldron-shaped basin in the rock into which the water cascades and boils.

Arfeuilles, la cascade de la Pisserotte Arfeuilles, la cascade de la Pisserotte Arfeuilles, la cascade de la Pisserotte

Further on upstream is the “Gour Noir” (Black Cauldron). This is a fine example of mountain waterfalls, with a three-metre drop and hemispherical basin of about three metres across. (Visitors are advised to view the Gour Noir from the bottom, as the path above the fall overhangs the basin and can be dangerously slippery.)

Further upstream, on the opposite bank, can be seen the moulin du Mas (the Mas Mill - no longer a working mill). A series of small waterfalls leads on up to an ancient bridge by which the Grande Randonnée GR3A (one of France’s long-distance footpaths) crosses the river. This is also part of an ancient pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Arfeuilles, le Calvaire

Le CalvaireLe Calvaire (The Calvary)

(See also Histoire du Calvaire - in French)

vue depuis le Calvaire, Arfeuilles

Access via Joubert: view towards the village of Arfeuilles.

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la Madone, Arfeuilles

La MadoneLa Madone (The Madonna)


(See also Histoire de la Madone - in French)

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Chateau de Montmorillon, Arfeuilles

Donjon de MontmorillonDonjon de Montmorillon (Montmorillon Castle tower)


(See also Histoire de Montmorillon - in French)

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