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Situated in the foothills of the Monts de la Madeleine, half-way between the towns of Roanne and Vichy, Arfeuilles is an upland commune covering nearly 60 km². To the north, the countryside descends gradually towards the plains around the town of Lapalisse.
To the south, Arfeuilles is bordered by the slopes of Roanne on the east, and on the west by the Monts du Forez.

Not far away, in the commune of Saint Nicolas des Biefs at a height of 1000m, is the source of a small stream, the Barbenan. This stream is joined on its way northwards by other mountain streams and, a dozen kilometres later, the River Barbenan flows through the village of Arfeuilles itself. The Barbenan joins the Besbre, a tributary of the Loire, at Ebreuil.

The “Bourg” - Village of Arfeuilles:

Lat: 46.1568
Lon:  3.7266

46 degrees, 9.4 minutes north
3 degrees, 43.6 minutes east

Height of the village: 423 metres
Altitudes across the commune vary between 393m and 792m - a difference of 400m. This is the greatest height difference in a single commune in the whole of the Auvergne Region.

The commune of Arfeuilles is the fourth largest in terms of area (5955 hectares) in the Department of Allier, and covers a large section of the western slopes of the Monts de la Madeleine, in the heart of the Montagne Bourbonnaise. It shares borders with a number of other communes : Châtelus and Saint Pierre Laval to the north, Le Breuil to the west, Saint Nicolas des Biefs and Saint Bonnet des Quarts to the east, and Châtel-Montagne to the south.

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Arfeuilles vue du ciel Arfeuilles vue du ciel Arfeuilles vue du ciel Arfeuilles vue du ciel

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